Making a Donation

We are much grateful to donors for helping keep the server fully operational.

We’ll be giving you 1 credit for every US $1 gift which is 500 Cash Points in-game.

Ready to donate?

Donating is optional, non-mandatory and purely voluntary.

Sending donation means you fully recognize and agree that the amount donated is non-refundable. To proceed, simply click the “Donate” button below.

We extremely appreciate our donors who help the community and this project stay alive.

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Note: Automated donations are done via PayPal (3rd Party Payment Gateway).

Other Ways to Donate?

You may donate by creating commercial-quality videos on YouTube, streaming the game on Twitch or Facebook Gaming, or writing a review in RateMyServer to generate organic traffic. You’ll receive an acknowledgement in our platforms as a token of thanks! We value all forms of support, whether it pays server bills or grow the population.

Other Ways to Help?

By simply doing engagements and participating in our platforms, such as: Facebook, Forums and Discord. Being active in in-game events and taking part in social media events are also considered helping. Voting is another way to give support; every vote casted helps us get recognized by players who are looking for servers to play in various RO listing sites.

Fun Trivia

Ethereal Ragnarok is made and managed by a group of friends who met in ragnarok more than a decade ago. We encourage everyone to invite their friends or make new ones, and build bonds and memories that will last a lifetime. An adventure driven by friendship is more fun.